Capstone Visual has built monitors for a variety of purposes. Our full-service design and manufacturing capabilities allows us to build a complete display solution from the ground up.

video cable design

Custom Video Cable Design

This process can include the selection and design of various video electronic components:

  • Panel Selection
  • Backlight Selection
  • Inverter Design
  • Cable Design
  • Enclosure Design
  • Related Electronics

Custom Display Design

We can build custom display controllers for any monitors you have already incorporated into your systems, or we can build you an entire custom display product from the ground up. This could even include design and development of a custom panel to meet your size and resolution requirements.

Custom Monitor Design

Custom Monitor Design

Our design process can provide you with a completely customized display solution, or we can use off-the-shelf components to provide you with a custom display that meets your requirements.

Our team of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers will work together to deliver you with a custom monitor that will provide the exact functionality you need with unparalleled performance.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our capabilities.