At Capstone Visual, our core competency is custom video controllers. We provide a standard line of our Djehuty™ Video Controllers, as well as fully customizable solutions based on our existing framework.

Our custom LCD controllers support a wide range of analog and digital inputs as well as custom data streams. We can customize an on screen display, as well as add auxiliary functions such as backlight control, touch pad interface, or temperature sensors. We can also design video controllers for legacy replacement systems. These legacy replacements can be designed to meet your form, fit, and function requirements, as well as any other legacy specifications.

We have developed custom LCD controllers and custom video controllers with a wide variety of the industry’s leading display technology. Our video controllers have been designed with:

•STMicro/Genesis Video Scalers
•Gennum ICs
•Analog Devices ICs
•Techwell Video Scalers
•Xilinx FPGAs (with custom firmware for video applications)

Custom LCD controllers can be designed to own (larger NRE with no per unit license fee), or designed to license (smaller NRE with a per unit license fee). Below you will find our current off the shelf lcd controllers and their specifications and features.

Video Controllers

STMicro/Genesis Video Controllers

Spartan FPGA Video Controllers

Techwell Video Controllers


Please contact us for quotes for any of the above display controllers or to discuss your requirements for a custom display controller.